Project RESTOR Grant Applications and Installment Payment Plan Update

Alexandria, La. (April 6, 2023) — The City of Alexandria (“City”) announced the concluding steps for Project
RESTOR (“RESTOR”) January 24, 2023.

Beginning the week of January 23, 2023, charges billed to customers returned to normal rules for payment and delinquency.

RESTOR balances continued to carry forward; however, RESTOR balances did not accrue penalties or delinquencies, subject to the RESTOR assistance and payment plans for qualified customers.

Charges billed on or after January 23, 2023, are subject to the normal rules for payment, penalties, delinquencies, and eventual disconnection for non-payment. Customers are reminded of the importance of paying their post-RESTOR charges on time and in full to remain in good
standing; disconnections for non-payment have resumed Monday through Thursday of each week.

The City continues to notify applicants of their application’s status by US Mail with over 900 decision letters mailed out to date; the review and processing of the remaining applications is ongoing. In the coming weeks RESTOR grants awarded to qualified applicants will be credited to their RESTOR balances; any remaining RESTOR balance will be converted to an installment payment plan not to exceed 12 months.

The RESTOR balances for customers who did not qualify or who did not apply for a RESTOR grant also will be converted to an installment payment plan not to exceed 12 months. Each customer’s detailed RESTOR installment payment plan information will appear at the end of the monthly utility bill under the heading PROJECT RESTOR. The attached example utility bill includes a RESTOR installment plan section as it will appear on future bills.RESTOR PR 040623 (2)

Applicants having questions still needing further information may email or call 318-449-5275


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