Pineville to have surplus unit auction Aug. 19

Driving down Monroe highway recently, you may have seen a large white auction sign and dozens of parked utility vehicles. Pineville Chief of Staff Doug Gann says on August 19th at 9 a.m. the used units will be up for auction. 

“We’ve got some older units that have been around our public works area,” said Gann. “We’ve got some garbage trucks that we’ve replaced in the asphalt machine. But the bulk of it are our vehicles and our public works department and we have some old police units as well. So just a number of things.” 

The City of Pineville has rolled out newer units and is auctioning off the older units. 

“It’s just anything that was sitting around the public works department, we said, you know what, now’s the time.” 

Gann says the proceeds from the surplus units that are sold will go back into funding newer vehicles for the public works department. 

“Anything that comes in here goes towards the dollars that we spend on new vehicles,” said Gann. “Similar to trading something in in the past, whatever that money that you get on your trade in it’s applied to the newer vehicles that you have.” 

The auction comes at a good time for the Pineville Public works department because of the state of the previous units, says Gann. 

“Last year we looked at the average age of a lot of our vehicles and quite frankly, the average age was about ten years old and over 110,000 miles on it,” said Gann. “One thing that Mayor Dupree made a promise to make a commitment to, to employ the public works employees, is that because they do the best job around, then it’s owed to them to give them the best opportunities to succeed in what they do.” 

If planning to make purchases at the auction make sure to bring cash or check with a bank letter of credit unless already known by auctioneer. 

For more information call Bubba Moreau at 318-729-0008.

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