Pineville Rotary Club Helps Feed the Hungry at the Manna House

The Manna House is a community volunteer effort that serves hot meals to an average of 230 people a day.

The Pineville Rotary Club enjoys preparing meals to feed those in need.


Assistant District Governor of Pineville Rotary Club Kimberly Jones says, “We have so much when others have so little and sometimes, we just don’t know where the need is, but we know that the Manna House has been here for years and years and has done an incredible job to help the community.”

Keisha Swafford, News Reporter says, “The Pineville Rotary is working together to help the Manna House by giving out meals and rolling sandwiches for the community.”


President-Elect of Pineville Rotary Club Sylvia Coody says she has a passion for serving others.

“I could be in their position so if I can give, the more I can do for them, I have a love for it and this year for Thanksgiving, I thought, ‘What could I give back to the community what I have?’”


Executive Director of the Manna House Jessica Viator says she loves connecting with the community at the Manna House.

“We get to know them on a regular basis and love them and hear what’s happening in their lives and I can tell you for the majority of them, it’s the only meal that they receive in that day.”


Viator says her volunteer staff has been working to prepare for Thanksgiving Day.

“We’re going to be able to have turkey and cranberry sauce and cornbread dressing and green bean casserole, all those nice warm things that’s traditional Thanksgiving meal.”


They hope more organizations get involved to help make Thanksgiving special for everyone.

12 turkeys have been donated to the manna house and they encourage the public to donate canned goods.