Pineville Man Arrested for Burglary, Trespassing, and Intimidation

Press Release – The Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office received a report of a prowler in someone’s yard that was carrying a gas can out of a shed.  When the homeowner yelled at the person, he tried to get into the house through the door.  When he wasn’t able to get through the door, he tried pushing a window unit out of a window to get into the house.  When Deputy Amy Laborde arrived, she encountered the suspect and as she was detaining him, he immediately began to resist her.  Deputy Laborde was able to handcuff him and discovered the cap to a gas can in his pocket.

     Timothy Free, 46 years old, of Pineville, was arrested for Criminal Trespassing, Theft of Fuel, Simple Assault, Simple Burglary, Disturbing the Peace, Entering or Remaining After Bring Forbidden, Simple Criminal Damage to Property, 2 counts of Resisting an Officer, and 2 counts of Public Intimidation.