Pineville Kiwanis Club Gives 400 Coats to Lessie Moore Elementary Students

The Kiwanis Clubs are looking out for kids in every corner of the globe.

Their mission is to improve the life of kids one community at a time.


The Pineville Kiwanis Club was excited to give 400 coats to Lessie Moore Elementary students.

President of the Pineville Kiwanis Club Titan Marler says, “This was another effort to get out in the community and do more than we have in the past and so we are excited to be able to provide kids with just a small token and hopefully make their Christmas a little bit better.”


The Pineville Key Club helped distribute the coats and loved seeing the kids’ reactions.

Lessie Moore Student Grayson Null says, “It’s soft on the inside, and it’s very soft and I like it.”


Pineville Key Club Member Kaityln Huff says it was a special moment to see kids receive their coats.

“Kids seem to have a smile on their face and they’re excited and I personally like to see that.  I’m sure everyone else in the Key Club does and everyone else helping with this event today.”


Lessie Moore students were excited to try on their new coats.

Carter Jackson says, “It feels warm and I’m about to wash my jacket.”

King Boyd told us, “I love my coat.”


The Alexandria Kiwanis Club was proud to support the Coats for Kids Initiative.

President of Alexandria Kiwanis Club Cindy Carter says, “We were very excited to do this.  The Pineville Kiwanis is our sister club. They’re across the river, but we still work with each other and help each other out.”


Each club hopes these coats made their Christmas a little brighter and warmer.