Pineville Fire Department Supports Local Charity for Freezin for a Reason Fundraiser

Shepherd’s Pie is a non-profit organization that provides food and financial support to families in their most difficult situations.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on they have inspired a local fire department to help the community.


Shepherd’s Pie helps families in need through plate lunch benefits and disaster relief projects.

Shepherd’s Pie Volunteer Meghan McGaha says, “We just want to share God’s love with people. We don’t want to hold on to Jesus and not share Him with everyone else and so when we go into these communities, and we go on disaster relief trips and when we are feeding people at benefits, or doing different things, we do a lot through food, but we don’t want to just feed stomachs, we want to feed souls.”


Fire Prevention Officer Casey Cummings says their community work inspired them to start the Freezin for a Reason Fundraiser.

“I’ve heard of Shepherd’s Pie in the past and some of the events that they hold to benefit other people, and this was just our way of helping them to continue helping the people that they help.”


Cummings says he is excited to get his team of five swimmers to compete to win.

“All five contestants will go at the same time. We will have a buoy out on the water to approximately four and half feet in the water, four half foot. And they will race all at one time.  Your time starts when the first person hits the water and when the last person touches land, that’s when your time ends.”


Paramedic chauffeur Jacob Belgard says he is ready to help raise money for a good cause.

“We’re going to have food vendors, we’re going to have people jumping off into Buhlow Lake during February, which has been one of the coldest times of the year here in Louisiana, we’re going to have a live country band, a live Bluegrass band, and during the midst of all this, we’re going to tell people about Jesus, so I said yeah, I’m in.”


The Pineville Fire Department is proud to continue the great work Shepherd’s Pie has started.

Paramedic Chauffeur Jacob Stroud says, “The main thing is, that we want people to understand life is so much bigger than me, it’s more about our community and reaching out and touching others and helping others that need the assistance.”


Meghan McGaha is grateful to share the love of Christ through the fundraiser.

“I just want to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those that are around us and the greatest way that we can do that is that we can show it, not just through our words but through our actions, being the hands and feet of Jesus.”


The Pineville Fire Department encourages the public to make a difference by participating in the fundraiser.

The Freezing for a Reason fundraiser will be on February 4th at 11 AM and the race starts at 2 PM.