Pineville Fifth Saturday Market Attracts Diverse Crowd

Pineville held their Fifth Saturday Main Street Market this weekend and the rain stayed away for this event.  ABC 31 news’ Joel Massey was there and has this report.

Garrett Boone, Alexandria Resident said, “It’s just great to support local people and their businesses and their avenues.  And it’s awesome it feels great you get to get out in the sun enjoy the summer.   We’re here supporting Creamline Essentials they sell goatmilk soaps things like that.  They’re wonderful it’s great to see all these people out in town.”

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Pineville Market on main street, lots of vendors and lots of people braving the heat.

Garrett said, “This is Spencer he’s 13 years old, so the walking is a little behind him so I’m having to carry him.  So eventually somebody will have to carry me up these streets.

Turns out that spencer got carried by a few people including Garrett’s mom.  It was the first time for them to be at the 5th Saturday market.

Angela Boone said, “I think it’s great that you can bring your animal with you.  It’s a good little excursion for them.  I’m really tickled to see everyone with their strollers, walkers. This is fun stuff.  This is good family stuff.

The owner of Debbie’s meat pies has been to a lot of 5th Markets.

Debbie Gilley said, “It’s a great community event we come every fifth Saturday, there’s like five Saturdays.  It’s like a big family here.”

For vendor Robert Duncan this is the first time he’s been to the market.  He runs R&R Duncan cattle out of Boyce, Louisiana.

Robert Duncan said, “We’re selling home raised beef. We’ve raised the cows and had them butchered in state so they don’t get much fresher than this.”

Twenty three-year-old Laekyn Stroud, and Morgan Vandegeuel, 24, of Mama Made That were two of the youngest entrepreneurs I met

“We’re out here on Main Street Pineville.  This is our small business it’s Mama Made That.  We are local and we handmake everything that’s in our booth… We do it for the kids at home… Yes we’ve got lots of babies.  We do it for the babies.”

They also held a car show that attracted the car people.  Joe rosier owns a ’69 mustang fastback that he and his family have built.

Joe Rosier, ’69 Mustang owner said, “This is actually only my second car show I’ve ever been to, but I’m very proud of the work on the car enjoy being out with all the other car people.”

Gary Sellers, “Rat Rod” owner said, “We’re out here having a good little ol’ car show in this heat I got a little Grand Marquis call it a rat rod.  I’m still working on it.  I’ve had this car about five years and I’ve had people bring me stuff, just take my time but I’m about to run out of space.”

Roger Brown from Bunkie tells me why he likes to come out to car shows.

Brown said, “Well if you have a car everybody loves talking about them.  You got different ones different motors different sizes, different colors.  It’s just a fun hobby to have.”

Best in show winner Ray Schindler from ball brought his ’69 firebird body from California and took it from there on the engine.

Schindler said, “Pontiac started making the Firebird in ’67.  This is a ’69 Firebird 400 body style.  I put a five speed transmission on, fuel injection on it and I drive it to every car show I can… Just great to sit and relax with people you know like minded folks that love to talk about cars all day long.”

Organizer Doug Gann with the City of Pineville was glad about the good weather and the turnout.

Gann said, “You just see people out being what people should be they’re out enjoying their Saturday morning and we’re excited that everybody has come out for it.”

The Pineville Farm Stand was also selling produce, but they are open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  There were some seniors there buying vegetables and fruit who were taking advantage of a statewide program to provide free money to folks that meet income requirements.

Donna Fontenot of Pineville said, “I like craft shows and I wanted to see what vendors there were for the vegetables for the seniors to come and spend their senior farmers market vouchers… That’s a program through the department of agriculture and Rapides Council on Aging. It is an income-based program, and they can apply and they are sent. This year it’s a card for $28 to spend at farmer’s markets.”

If you would like more information on how to sign up for the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program, please visit

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