Philly the Jaguar Makes Her Debut at the Alexandria Zoo

The Alexandria Zoo is dedicated to protecting jaguars.  

Hunting and habitat loss due to deforestation continue to threaten the survival of jaguars. 


Philly’s trainer Aubrey Wagar says she is a fast learner.

She has already taught Philly new tricks and enjoys working with her.

Aubrey and Philly have established trust and a close bond with each other.

“I think it’s mostly her attitude. A lot of people think she is just a very feisty, sassy girl. I really love that about her. She’s also incredibly smart and she’s also a very goofy thing too.”


As Max Lakes unlocks the gate, he opens it up to meet the male jaguar, Bebu.

Alexandria Zoo Director Max Lakes hopes Bebu and Philly can make a home together.

Lakes believes Philly will bring a new dynamic to the jaguar habitat.

“And having his genes as part of the species survival plan in the genetic umbrella for jaguars in AZA institutions is just so important so we are excited to have Philomena here.”


The Alexandria Zoo staff is dedicated to bringing a variety of animal habitats.

They invite more families to come see what else Philly the Jaguar can do.


For more information on Philly the Jaguar, visit their website

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