Pet Owner Shana Lowell Sells Plasma to Help Pay Vet Bill

According to Forbes Advisor, 42 percent of pet owners cannot cover a surprise vet bill amid inflation. 

One pet owner is going above and beyond to pay her vet bill. 


Shana Lowell is donating her plasma twice a week to pay the vet bill of her 13-year-old Pomeranian, Kodiak. 

 “It’s been painful because I don’t want, I want him to get the best treatment as possible. He deserves that. He was a rescue. He was abused when he was a baby, and I can’t let him down, so it hurts.


According to Kodiak’s vet, he could have an infection in the spine or a slipped disc.  

Shana Lowell says, “He has to be limited to his movement, I have to put him in a sling to have go outside to potty and then he can’t go up most steps or anything like that. He has to be crated, kenneled, for as long as possible until we know what the MRI is going to say.


An MRI For Kodiak runs about $3,000, but Shana Lowell is disabled and cannot afford pet insurance.  

“It’s going to happen. Not having the MRIs, 1, 2, and or 3 MRIs. I’m going to do whatever I have to do to make it happen.  As a dog mom, I’m going to make it happen.


Shana Lowell started a GoFundMe page on Facebook and has raised over $9000 to help Kodiak.  

 “He’s already seen like 4 different vets, 2 regular vets so I had to pay for that. Then the medications, gas to get him to and from the vets, which I am approximately an hour and 45 minutes round trip, so gas is expensive.


Shana Lowell is selling baked goods to keep her dog alive. 

“This is my child. I don’t have kids so to me, Kodiak is my child, his mom is going to do whatever I have to do to help him. 


Shana Lowell reached out to Executive Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana Jeff Dorson for other alternatives to raising money.  

He says, “You can apply for Care Credit or Help a Pet, those are both designed to give you money up front to the vet and then you pay over time.  You can go to teaching colleges, veterinary teaching colleges if there is one close to you because usually their rates are cheaper.”


Local pet owner Shana Stephens says she understands how hard it is to pay for vet bills.  

“You’re responsible for your dogs, you’re responsible for your animals and when you don’t have the money to get a needed procedure, you know that’s devastating.”


Shana Lowell says she appreciates anyone willing to donate for Kodiak’s MRI and acupuncture. 

“I seriously want to thank so many people that has supported me and donated and overall felt my pain.”


Until enough money is raised, Kodiak will remain on steroids and medication. 


If interested in buying a dream catcher or baked goods from Shana Lowell to pay for Kodiak’s treatment, email her at  


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