Peabody’s Smith honored as most winningest coach in Louisiana

Following the win 60-45 over Eleanor McMain, the Peabody Warhorses  not only move on to the 4A semi-finals but head coach, Charles Smith, grabs 1, 072 career win.

He says that after coaching for about 45 years, he never expected to be here.

“I never envisioned this. All I wanted to do was put together a program that would help these young men, at-risk kids get scholarships and have a program or basketball team that would be exciting for the community to support. And I think we have done that.”

With a gym full of the community backing him, community leaders rallied around him showering him with celebratory words, plaques, and other gifts. Charles knew this milestone was on the line, but the big surprise was the name change of the legendary gym. Emerald Palace was unanimously voted on to be changed to “Charles Smith Emerald Palace.”

Coach says that one key to his success was adapting to the changing cultures of the game. One thing that never changed was him being a leader and role model beyond the court.

“That’s what it’s all about. Caring for the young men. Trying to produce productive young men of society and helping them to move to a higher level.”