Parents of Alma Redwine Elementary Demand Answers about Possible School Closure

The Rapides Parish School Board held a parent meeting to discuss the future of Alma Redwine Elementary.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how parents want to continue to keep the school open.


Alma Redwine Elementary has a special place in the hearts of many.

Alma Redwine Parent LaFrancis Herts says, “This school inspired me, it helped get all the education and all the degrees that I have.”


Community members attended Alma Redwine and want to see their children learn there.

Herts says, “The reason why I brought my son to this school is because he was getting bullied at his previous school and wasn’t nothing done about it.”


She says her son loves the special education program at the school.

“I ended up transferring him to this school, Alma Redwine, which is the root of my stomping grounds because I’m from this area, the Sonia Quarters as a child, and I feel like he’s opened up, his behavior has changed, and he’s a better person.”


The Rapides Parish School Board revealed why they previously proposed to close Alma Redwine.

Rapides Parish Superintendent Jeff Powell says, “When you look across the board, when you’re looking at everything within the school system, there are nine facilities that are operating at less than 50 percent capacity.”

An Alma Redwine parent says, “You’re not thinking about the community as a whole. I hear you talking about Alma Redwine but we’re not just concerned about Alma Redwine, but we are concerned about every last one of our schools.”

An Alma Redwine parent says, “Our children matter to us. I have a grandchild that goes here. Some people had to take their kids out, put them in a private school, because you guys don’t give what you say you’re going to give.”


This possible school closure has prompted more parents to get involved at Alma Redwine.

Herts says, “This school really improved me academically and the sky is the limit and I’m going to keep on striving for the best. It’s because the teachers here inspire me and that’s why I’m the person that I am today.”


The Rapides Parish School Board is not shutting down Alma Redwine Elementary for the 2023-2024 school year.

Parents can now be a part of an advisory board to help to make school decisions.