Observant Police Work Results in Burglary Arrest

Press Release – On July 14th, 2017, detectives from the Glenmora Substation and an Animal Control Deputy were traveling west bound in the 8600 block of LA 112 in the Union Hill area when they observed a suspicious vehicle coming from behind a residence. 

The deputies are very familiar with the area and knew there was not supposed to be anyone on the property.  Detectives made contact with the subjects, identified as Tori Lynelle Williford of Hineston and John Christopher Hunter of Boyce, on an adjacent property and realized that they had removed numerous items from the residence. 

The subjects stated that they had permission from the homeowner to be there.  Detectives made contact with the homeowner who responded to the scene and stated that they did not know the individuals nor had he given anyone permission to be there. 

Detectives then took the subjects into custody and placed them under arrest for Simple Burglary and Criminal Conspiracy.  Both subjects were transported to the Rapides Parish Detention Center where they were booked on their respective charges.  Both were later released on a $4,500.00 bond.

 “This was just good, old fashion, observant police work at play and I want to commend those deputies for a job well done” said Sheriff William Earl Hilton.  “When our deputies see something out of the ordinary or something that just does not look right, they investigate it.  A lot of times, it is legitimate.  But sometimes, as in this incident, it solves a crime before it is completed.”

 Arrestee:             Tori Lynelle Williford, 33, Hineston, LA

 Charge:                Simple Burglary, Criminal Conspiracy        


Arrestee:             John Christopher Hunter, 32, Boyce, LA

Charge:                Simple Burglary, Criminal Conspiracy