Oak Hill welcomes Tinsley as new head basketball coach

Earlier today, the Oak Hill Rams were introduced to their new head basketball coach, Alan Tinsley.

Tinsley has coaching experience within the Cenla area including both Rapides and Avoyelles Parish and also a stint at Louisiana College.

Although never heading a “small ball” program, he says he’s excited for the challenge.

“It’s my first time around small ball, as far as being the head coach. I’ve coached at a lot of schools in this area that were much larger than this and I’m very excited to play more games and get more practice time in.”

The Rams finished their last campaign with a 2-10 season record, but that isn’t the only goal of Tinsley’s coming in.

He has three standards that he goes by that will not only make for a better basketball program, but better individuals. Those three being discipline, work ethic and pride.

“You must have discipline in and out of the classroom, so we’re not just talking about on the basketball court but it has to start with that. Second thing you have to do is put in that hard work. You have to outwork other people. The third thing is it develops this pride both inside of you and it’s exhibited in the way that you play and the way you conduct yourself.”