Nurses at Rapides Regional Bring Christmas Cheer to Patients

Every Christmas, the nursing staff at the Rapides Medical Center find ways to bring joy to patients.

To bring a smile to the patients, they decided to sing to them.


Caroling for Christmas is all about bringing the joy of music to patients.

Nursing Manager Lacey Simmering says, “Christmas is not a great time to be in the hospital. No time is great to be in the hospital, but we really hope to spread some Christmas cheer to patients, their families, and our staff.”


Lacey Simmering says they hope these Christmas songs will lift their spirits up.

“Healthcare is more than just needles and blood and lab. It’s more than just medicine, it’s a holistic approach so we feel like this is part of that.”


Chief Nursing Officer Barbara Griffin says music is a powerful way to connect with patients.

“We really are trying to bring a little joy, a little happiness to patients. They’re very sick when they are in the hospital at Christmas.”


She says singing carols is their way of giving love to anyone who needs it.

“Because everybody knows Christmas carols and you kind of sing along with it. It’s really nice. I think my staff is enjoying it more than the patients cause it’s so much fun and that’s why. You just want to bring a little joy to people and a little happiness in the time that they’re maybe having some suffering going on.”


Through singing, they can share the Christmas spirit with patients and make their stay a little brighter.


Rapides Regional Medical Center will have more Christmas celebrations for patients this weekend.