NSU Folk Festival This Weekend

It’s just about the only festival held in the dead of summer but in an air-conditioned facility.  The ice-cold atmosphere of Prather Coliseum is the venue for this 34th festival that showcases Louisiana’s culture.

The theme this year is one that you might not see trotting around the coliseum–cattle and horses.  But, all the items that go along with that will be inside.  The festival will have started by the time you see this, but it features music, food, crafts, narrative sessions and demonstrations.

These artists and craftsmen are setting up for the late-afternoon grand opening.  But, there’s plenty to see and do tomorrow morning through night, when the festival continues from 8 to 11.  Some of the narrative sessions will include the cowboy church, cowboy poetry, horse racing, leather working and even working cattle dogs.

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KLAX ABC 31 News 7/19/13