NSU Cenla Campus Manager Lia Henton Brings New Life to College Student Experience

College students are looking for affordable and more accessible ways to earn a higher education.

The NSU Cenla Campus takes pride in providing a welcoming student experience.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how a new staff member is helping the campus grow.


NSU Cenla Campus Manager Lia Henton says she is honored to be the new face of the NSU Cenla Campus.

“I’m doing something I love, I’ve always loved to serve people, help people reach their goals and whatnot, and that’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’m serving the campus, the students, the faculty and staff and I get to see them start from one point and reach their finish line.”


The NSU Cenla Campus staff says Lia Henton can help expand their support services.

NSU Cenla Campus Executive Director Jason Parks says, “New projects that we have planned for students this year will spear from our Cenla Campus Counsel that Ms. Henton will actually oversee. That will include activities for the students, tutoring services, more aid as far as financial aid, working with the registrar’s office.”


As campus manager, she is excited to guide students on their educational journey.

“Even though I want to school for my Chemistry degree and got a job in my field, I still had a desire that wasn’t fulfilled and that’s when I started helping different   students through a non-profit, and then once I started doing that, I saw that’s what I want to do, I want to help students reach their goals.”


Through satellite technology, college students find learning easier in the classroom.

First Time Nursing Student Ashley Gibson says, “I decided this campus because it’s easy access, close to home. I don’t have to travel to the Natchitoches campus which is good for me. I have children at home.”


The NSU Cenla Campus provides a safe space for students to learn.

Gibson says, “At the Alexandria Campus, it’s very welcoming. All the instructors are sweet to you when you come in, everyone is so helpful, they’re always willing to help a lend a helping hand with anything.”


Henton encourages students to reach out to her when they need career advice.

“This is how God ordained this whole thing, as me being here, as the Campus Manager, to serve these students and help them to truly get to where God wants them to be.”


The NSU Cenla Campus wants to support students and make they feel at home.

The campus plans to expand through more student involvement and social events.