NORAD Tracks Santa Across the Globe on Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve the people at NORAD will be hard at work tracking Santa’s progress through the skies.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more on how the military organization tracks Santa.

Lt. Col. Sonie Munson, with NORAD said, “This is our 67th year of tracking Santa.  Every December 24th we use our radars, our satellites and our planes to track Santa globally.”

Munson talks about NORAD’s mission and the special one that they have on Christmas Eve.

“This is a typical job that we do.  NORAD’s main mission is aerospace warning, maritime control and maritime warning for the US and Canada.  And so we have this special mission once a year on Christmas Eve where we get to track an aviator that flies globally and visits all of the children that are on his nice list.”

Munson says NORAD tracks Santa to understand where he’s going.

“The good thing about having NORAD track Santa is to help us understand where he’s going.  So, we don’t provide safety for him we are just tracking him to make sure that he can safely get to where he needs to go.  Just like we in our normal job respond to unknown, unwanted and unauthorized air activities approaching and operating within North America airspace and provide aerospace and maritime warning.  And so, when we do that that allows us to make sure that he’s safe too.  It’s something that we normally do, and we offer our services to him on Christmas Eve.”

Visit to track Santa on Christmas Eve.