New video shows couples encounter with Iberville Parish truck stop camel

New video obtained, courtesy of WBRZ, shows the moments leading up to an incident between a camel, named Casper, and an out of state couple at a well-known truck stop in Iberville Parish.

The video released by Tiger Truck Stop shows Edmond and Gloria Lancaster outside of the camel’s pen with their dog tossing treats to the camel.

The dog snuck into the enclosure through a gap in the fence and the couple went in after it.

The camel became startled and is seen knocking the woman to the ground and pinning her down with his body.

Officials say the woman bit the camel’s genitals to get it off of her and received medical treatment shortly after.

The couple was issued tickets for trespassing and not having their dog on a leash.

Watch the video below.

Tiger Truck Stop Camel