New vehicles coming to the Alexandria Fire Department

Alexandria Mayor, Jeff Hall, held his monthly State of the Community address this morning at Fire Station #2 on Jones St.

During his address, Mayor Hall announced that something new will be implemented this fall for the Alexandria Fire Department.

Since the department uses their traditional pumper and ladder trucks to respond to all calls, even those that are not fire related, Mayor Hall wants to provide the department with two new SUV’s that can be used when pumper and ladder trucks are not necessary.

“They’re not going to replace the traditional ambulance…because we really don’t have any…so it’s the paramedics that’s been on the ladder trucks and pumper trucks that’s been going out on the calls; a half a million dollar vehicle that’s been going out on calls, which we don’t mind; but we’re finding that for medical calls you need the SUV…they’re more conducive to that particular industry…”

Hall says these new SUV’s will be purchased and out on the roads this fall.