New Playground in Ball Opens Thanks to Lowes Grant

The work on the new playground in Ball is complete thanks to a grant from Lowes.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey spoke with Ball Mayor Gail Wilking about what the new park means for the town.

Ball Mayor Gail Wilking said, “For my administration, myself and my aldermen it means the world.  This was a project that we all wanted to happen, never knew how we would make it happen, but God had a plan.”

Wilking is excited about the new park in her town that will open soon.

“And I’m especially happy that this playground has the availability for all children, autistic, special needs and just all children of our community.  That’s a big thing for us in the Town of Ball.  It means a great deal.”

Wilking says places like this for children are important when a family is thinking about moving to an area.

“Our communities are growing.  We actually in the Town of Ball don’t have a lot for children.  So, one of the things families look for when they’re moving to a community is the availabilities of activities for their children.”

The playground was made possible by a grant from Lowes.

“We got $120,000 and our council approved another $50,000 to go with it so that we could do the things we wanted to do for our children.  So yes thanks to Lowes this miracle happened.”

Wilking says seeing the children looking at the new park makes it all worthwhile.

“I love seeing the children stop by here, Joel, and look at the playground and mama when is it going to be open?  It’s such an exciting time.”

The playground will officially be open this Saturday when the town will dedicate the new park.