New Orleans Abortion Fund Transitions into Louisiana Abortion Fund

New Orleans, LA February 9, 2023  – The organization formerly known as the New Orleans Abortion Fund announced their transformation into the Louisiana Abortion Fund (LAAF) with a commitment to funding abortions and providing practical support for people across the state and the Gulf South region. 


“We’ve always provided funds to cover the cost of abortion care to people across the state and the Gulf South,” says LAAF Executive Director Chasity Wilson. “By becoming the Louisiana Abortion Fund, we’re deepening our commitment to supporting the bodily autonomy of all Louisianans, including those in rural corners of the state who face even more barriers to accessing the care they determine is right for them.” 


The New Orleans Abortion Fund was founded over ten years ago to provide financial support for those seeking abortion care. They continued that work even as Louisiana lawmakers passed legislation further restricting access to abortion care. Over the past three years, the organization has undergone a tremendous transition that ushered in the organization’s first Black executive director and people-of-color-majority board of directors. 


“As an organization rooted in the principles of Black feminism, we envision a world where folks can self-determine how they shape their families in safe & sustainable environments,” said LAAF Board of Directors Chairperson A.J. Haynes. “I am honored to carry forth this beautiful legacy of the beloved community.”


The organization will continue providing financial support to callers seeking abortion from Louisiana and the Gulf South. LAAF helps callers pay for their abortions and provides funds for childcare and travel expenses as folks travel out of state for abortion healthcare. 

About the Louisiana Abortion Fund

The Louisiana Abortion Fund (formerly the New Orleans Abortion Fund) is a community fund that assists community members as they overcome the economic and geographic barriers erected to prevent them from accessing abortion care. By providing low-barrier financial support for abortions, plus support for travel and childcare, LAAF invests in the liberation of all Louisianans. LAAF works to center Black people, Indigenous communities, people of color, queer folks, and immigrants, because when society’s most marginalized are free, all be free.