Menard is Proud of Louisiana’s Miss Outstanding Teen

Alexandria, LA—  Catherine Grace “Gracie” Reichman, a junior at Holy Savior Menard Central High School, is the 2018 Miss Louisiana’s Outstanding Teen.  Reichman is the daughter of Jim and Edna Reichman of Colfax.  Reichman will represent Louisiana at the National Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant in Orlando, FL this summer.  In addition to the honor of representing her beloved home, Reichman also received $3,500 in scholarships and local sponsors will provide items to help her on her path to Orlando.

Each contestant has a personal platform (mission) that they represent while working with the Outstanding Teen program, Gracie has chosen an anti-bullying program called “Think Twice, Be Nice.” The goal of the program is to work towards instilling positive thoughts before negative comments are spoken – which can lead to bullying among elementary age students”. The national platform for the Miss America Organization is Children Miracle Network hospitals. Reichman said, “As I travel around the state this year I am excited to shed some light on preventing bullying as well as promoting awareness and raising money for CMN Hospitals.”

When asked how Menard has helped her prepare for this type of competition, Reichman stated, “My daily faith has grown by participating in the faith-based culture, my public speaking abilities have improved in the Speech Dual Enrollment class, and I have increased my capacity for dance, performance, and working as part of a team on the Eaglette dance line and lady Eagles softball program.  I am grateful for the skills that Menard has given to me to be successful in my pageant life and in my future career.”

Gracie is the ‘real deal’ – she is talented, smart, kind, and beautiful.   At school, she says, “I am a normal high school student, with normal high school problems. I just have an exceptional outside life.”  Gracie is grateful for the support from her teachers and classmates.  The Menard family is proud to include Gracie Reichman – the Eagles have your back Gracie!


Holy Savior Menard Central High School, located in Alexandria, Louisiana, is a Catholic coeducational

high school, grades seven through twelve. Founded in 1892, the school seeks to provide an environment that affords a quality education supporting each student’s spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical development.