Menard Eagles prepare for post-quarantine against Avoyelles; Rebels set to for last season home game

The Menard Eagles are back after their quarantine period as they’re preparing for the Avoyelles Mustangs.

Head coach, Justin Charles, says that it was tough not being around his guys during that time and now that they’ve returned to practice, he realized that he can’t take those relationships for granted.

“It’s kind of surreal because you’re playing football, you’re out there competing and you take some things for granted. You take those relationships that you make with those young men for granted and it has been tough being away from it.”

In the meantime, they revisited the virtual stance and talked via Microsoft Teams as they not only prepared for their opponent, but also bonding over casual conversation.

The Eagles understand that they’re opponent in the Mustangs is heavily set on running the ball, which gives them the advantage of holding the ball and controlling the clock.

The Eagles having gone on a three-game losing streak right before quarantine understand that they have to capitalize best on offense and defend best on first downs.

“Whenever we get the chance to get the ball we have to be able to capitalize our opportunities. We can’t go in there half-cocked and not ready to play because those guys have been playing for the past three weeks and we’ve been out for two weeks.”

The Rebels were originally scheduled to host West Ouachita for their home finale however due to COVID concerns, they picked up Walker (1-6).

After losing to Live Oak last week, 34-20, they’re looking to end the regular season on a high note.

As they look to Walker, who’s has a single win, head coach, Darin Moore, says that their season record can be deceiving.

“They’re a very young football team. A lot of sophomores and juniors, apart from their receiver (Brian Thomas Jr.) and I would say that their record is deceiving. They’ve been in most of every single game they’ve played in. They’re 1-6 right now but I believe they lost 4 games by touchdown or less.”

The Rebels are currently ranked #28 in 5A, which could all change by tomorrow.

Moore reminds his team of that by telling them that they control their destiny.

With a win tomorrow, Pineville will for sure secure a playoff spot. With a loss, tensions may be a high upon the bracket reveal on Sunday.

“I sent my message to my team this week and said “You control your own destiny.” What’s better than that opportunity? I’d much rather win this game and be in than to lose this game and wait on Sunday hoping to get in.”