Mayor Vetoes Amended City Budget in Entirety

Alexandria, La. (April 27, 2021) — Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall informed the Alexandria City Council Tuesday afternoon of his decision to veto the amended City Budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year that the Alexandria City Council adopted April 20.


“The administration presented a comprehensive, fiscally responsible and balanced budget that covers what our employees manage every day to meet the needs of the entire city. The City Council chose to make ill-advised amendments to the proposed budget, and the amended budget they adopted violates our City Charter. Therefore, according to my charge to protect the Charter, I am required to veto the budget in its entirety,” Hall said. “It is my duty to ensure we follow the Charter’s rules and I will not be bullied into undermining the foundation of our community.”


As the result of the veto, the city budget will revert to 50 percent of the previous year’s budget on May 1, when the new fiscal year begins. City services will continue normal operations, with utility services, trash collection, fire and police service, bus service and all city offices open and operating normally.


While basic city operations will continue as scheduled, new projects that were proposed in the budget, including drilling new water wells to decrease the risk of water shortages during severe storms and new drainage projects will be delayed. In addition, implementation of the across-the-board 2 percent pay increase for all city employees, including police and fire personnel, as well as the proposed decrease in health insurance costs will be delayed until a new budget is approved.


“I regret that this situation has developed, especially when our employees and our citizens deserve better,” Hall said. “I believe the best way to move the city forward is by working together, and that is what I am committed to do. We have important work to do, and I look forward to engaging with the council to pass a comprehensive, sustainable, fiscally responsible and balanced budget that upholds the City Charter. Residents should demand nothing less than that from their mayor and their council.”


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  • April 29, 2021 at 8:42 am

    Sound like a bunch of bullshit from the city of Alexandria, while Crime is steady on the rise in the city has start to reopen, the only thing that can happen now is that u will start to c is more crimes in more business start to pull out of the city!!!

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