Mayor Jeff Hall Passes the Torch to Mayor Elect Jacques Roy

Current Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall lost the election to Jacque Roy with only 22% of the votes.


He tells KLAX reporter Keisha Swafford how he plans to move forward.

Incumbent Mayor of Alexandria Jeff Hall says, “We congratulate the Mayor Elect and his staff. We will be positive with the transitioning because that’s the way the citizens benefit by a friendly and a warm transition.”


Jeff Hall says he is grateful for his supporters during his time as mayor.

“They elected us to do the job, we did the job, a tough job, but would I do it again? More than likely because I really enjoyed getting good results because you can’t get good results without good people.”


Community and Civil Rights Activist Norris Guillot says Mayor Jeff Hall made history as the first African American mayor in Alexandria.

“I’m very proud of Mayor Hall and I think the city has decided to choose a different route, but however, we would still applaud him for the work that he’s done.”


Jeff Hall says he will continue to work to help improve the City of Alexandria.

“We did what we said we would do, and we think we left them in a much better state than what we found it. So, we wish them nothing but the best for the new administration and once again, we’ll be a part of the transition that will be positive, and we’ll move on the next phase.”


Mayor Jeff Hall says, “Whatever I can do for this community, I’m going to do it here, because my family lives here, I’ve lived here, my friends and their family lived here, and we have nothing ever to be ashamed of.”


Jeff Hall will be the single term mayor for the next 30 days.

One thought on “Mayor Jeff Hall Passes the Torch to Mayor Elect Jacques Roy

  • November 9, 2022 at 8:38 pm

    Hall was a terrible mayor. Worst Alexandria has had. Praying Mayor Roy can clean up this dump in Alexandria . He has a big mess to clean up but hard work and a good staff will have Alexandria a safe city. Alexandria is at present worse than New Orleans and that’s due to current leadership or lack there of.

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