Mayor Halls’ Plans For Downtown Parking

Locals  are  concerned  about the  lack  of  downtown parking due  to the  new  community college  being implemented. Downtown parking has been the  talk of the  town  , since the new  community  college is just   months away from being completed .  With 500 students  attending  the new Central Louisiana Technical College campus  downtown in the  fall  locals    are  wondering  how will  this  affect parking  . Today is a little bit of a challenge because we have a lot of things going on downtown the community college project is a gift is everybody early in changing the configuration Tulane and vacant spot systematic parking situation i-49 overpass soul to explain to them because we understand fully what we doing and it’s temporary enhancements Mayor  Hall   and  his  chief of staff is   working diligently  on a  long term plan  . Mayor hall tells ABC 31 they know that their plans for the short-term will take care of the parking either coming this year we’re going to need to help our down town grow .  Hall says they are looking to  grow   the  population  to more  with the help  of the  alexandria police  department   to create a safe environment .