Matthew Martin Cleared of Wrongful Doing

Sherell Lewis Jr. was being a good samaritan, removing debris in the roadway on us 71, on May 29th of last year—his 31st birthday.

That’s when a vehicle, driven by 18 year old Matthew Martin of Hineston, hit Lewis which ultimately led to his death.

Shortly after the incident snapchat posts and conversations from Martin were posted on social media, causing a viral uproar.

In one post, martin refers to Lewis as “some n*****”, while having a texting conversation with another person.

After a thorough investigation by the Louisiana State Police, the findings of the incidents’ investigation were released and Martin was cleared of all fault.

Here are the findings released by the state police:

  • Martin was operating his vehicle at the posted speed limit of 55 mph, prior to the crash, and decreased his speed as he approached Lewis Jr.’s location in the roadway.
  • As Martin was nearing the scene, he switched his vehicle from the right lane to the left lane. As Lewis Jr. entered the right lane, he altered his direction of travel and began walking back towards the grass median. This action placed him in the direct path of the 2003 Chevrolet pickup.
  • Injuries Lewis Jr. sustained and the front bumper damage to the Chevrolet helped to confirm the direction Lewis Jr. was walking when the collision occurred.
  • Martin’s cell phone was examined by Louisiana State Police Forensics Investigators. It was concluded that he was not on his phone during the crash.

Almost a year later Lewis’ family, friends and the community are still seeking justice for his death.

With the anniversary of Lewis’ death approaching a press conference was held on Friday, March 22nd, at the Vernon parish courthouse to address the incident.

Sherell Lewis Sr, Sherell’s father, says…”We haven’t received a condolence from the family, which right now we wouldn’t accept, because to me it’s not acceptable. Any parent that allows their child to go on social media after something like that has happened…and to condone what he said and not deny that they hadn’t brought up a child like that…you know it’s crazy…”