LSUA’s Washington, not allowing pandemic to deter overseas dreams

Former LSUA guard, Kendriana Washington, recently attended a European basketball tournament to continue chasing her dreams.

A baller in her own right, Kendriana recently participated in the tournament to grab looks from possible agents and teams.

“To play in the tournament, I had to play really well this season and get picked. So, it’s like I had to get picked and pay for the tournament and that’s it. It’s basically you go to the tournament to get agents so that the agents can recruit you to go overseas.”

At this moment, she says that she’s waiting on more agents to contact her for an opportunity, but she has a couple in her back pocket already.

“I’m waiting on agents to basically inbox me or email me to tell me they liked what they saw in the Euro basket(ball) film. When they recruit me, I’m basically waiting to see what they can tell me what contract they want to give me, if I like what I hear, if I trust their process. I go and sign with them and we’ll start working on getting me overseas.”

Kendriana definitely wants to go wherever the money is calling, but she says her dream location is Spain.

“I’m just trying to get out there but I would love to go to Spain but it doesn’t really matter. As long as I get over there, and get to the money doing what I love… it doesn’t matter.”

Kendriana finished her career with the Generals ranked number seven in the NAIA conference for field goal percentage. She posted 476 points, 216 rebounds and 52 steals.