LSUA’s Cordaro named LSWA men’s basketball coach of the year

Larry Cordaro began his career at LSUA about 5 years ago.  He and the LSUA Generals men’s basketball team have won a number of awards, including 5 Red River Athletic Conference Titles.

He got his start in basketball back in high school and had a brief college basketball career at Xavier University.

Cordaro left Xavier and transferred to LSU to pursue a degree in accounting and sport management, but quickly realized that his passions lied elsewhere. “…I realized that’s not what I wanted to do for a career…I wanted to be around basketball and I got a lucky break here and there at LSU and went out to Texas Arlington; went to Southeastern Louisiana, where I came from, and here we are going into our 6th season here in the fort and you know I love being around the sport. I have a passion…I don’t feel like I’ve got a job or a career…it’s a passion of mine…” said Cordaro.

In 2016 he was named men’s basketball coach of the year by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association. And he’s won that title again this year.

Cordaro says, “It really caught me by surprise to be honest with you; it’s an honor to represent LSUA throughout our state of Louisiana; a lot of other better coaches out there in Louisiana so we’re just fortunate to be considered one of those coaches; I look forward to hopefully many seasons ahead right here at LSUA…”