LSUA Women’s Basketball Player Jewel Jones Turns Her Love of Basketball into a Docuseries

A sophomore on the LSUA Women’s Basketball Team is creating shots in a different way.

ABC 31 Sports Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how her docuseries spotlights basketball players.


Former LSUA basketball player David Favorite says, “I’ve lost two brothers. They both were at the age of sixteen to gun violence and that’s why I play basketball. My younger brother always wanted to play. Our last conversation was about him playing basketball, so I have always taken it upon me to continue to keep playing and do this for him.”


When Jewel Jones is not hooping, she creates sports documentaries for LSUA.

LSUA Shooting Guard Jewel Jones says, “That’s honestly something that had been on my heart for a while, but I was just like, I’m too scared to do it or like, I feel like I don’t know where to start.”


Jones says the docuseries lets people connect with the players off the court.

Former LSUA basketball player Jason Perry says, “My role model has to be my mother, Sandra Jones just because all of the sacrifices, all the jobs she worked, she still works two jobs to this day, so that’s who I would say is my biggest role model cause she took care of me and my sister, single parent.”


Sports Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “Could you tell me more about why you decided to make these documentaries?”

“Just because it is a sport that I love and I’ve always been interested in watching other documentaries of like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, just different outstanding players in the NBA or WNBA who have changed the game drastically.


Jones tells David Brevelle’s story about his days at LSUA.

“That camaraderie that comes with it, brotherhood, it just makes you love the game even more and we have that type of team that is stacked from top to bottom so just seeing one person doing something good, no matter who it is, we all get happy and that’s what you play the game for.”


Jones says it took 3 weeks to make the documentaries.

“Being able to be behind the scenes, be the one actually recording, and editing late nights, and doing this, that, and the other, it was a great experience.”


She will make a docuseries for the women’s basketball team in the fall.

Jewel Jones will continue to make films and play basketball all four years at LSUA.

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