LSUA Welcomes Students for First Day of Classes

Louisiana State University of Alexandria welcomes back students for the new school year.

LSUA has been rebuilding the campus and improving student enrollment.


Kylee Voorhies says, “My first day has been really, really great and I’m excited to be back this year and I’m ready for another amazing year.”

She says students can participate in all the different events LSUA has to offer between now and the summer.

“LSUA is a great college for any students no matter what major you are, and I would recommend everyone come here.”


For Bryan Jackson, this will be his last “first day” at LSUA.

“I feel good about it, but then again, you know it’s bittersweet because all my friends are here and like, they still have a few semesters to go, and this is like my last semester here so I’m just taking a moment to soak in every moment possible.”


Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management Shelly Gill anticipates another record year in enrollment.

“It’s always exciting to see students back on campus. We’ve worked very hard over the summer. They seem to be here, smiles on their faces, walking to class, we’re happy to have them on campus.”


Samantha Pastor encourages returning students to pursue their dream of getting a college degree.

“Don’t give up on yourself, there’s a lot to you that you can do. Don’t talk down on yourself. There’s a lot in you. You just gotta find that energy and when you get that energy, just got for it.”


Whether students are returning to school after a break, or it is their first day on campus, LSUA is dedicated to making students feel at home.

LSUA will have welcome back activities all week and invites students to join the fun.