LSUA Hosts Black History Month Luncheon

To celebrate the start of Black History month LSUA held their 29th annual Black History Month Scholarship Luncheon.  ABC 31 News Joel Massey has more.

“Today it was all about not just remembering a legacy of Dr. King during this beginning of Black History Month, but my message has always been about how we continue his legacy.  How we not just talk about service but how we talk about real intentional service.”

Small Business Association Reginal Administrator Ted James spoke at an LSUA ceremony honoring Black History Month.  He encouraged folks to continue the work of civil rights leaders.

“Way too often during Black History Month we simply remember and commemorate and not continue, continue the legacies of so many giants in black history I know we always talk about Dr. King and many folks mention his element of service, but Dr. King was all about equality in terms of economics.”

James reminded us that it was not only African Americans who fought for equality for all.

“It’s important that we all recognize that black history is American history and that we all have a place in it.  The civil rights movement was not just a movement with African Americans.  We had champions and friends on both sides and I think that in today’s time we’ve lost that.  So, a lot of the message is how we get back to that to continue to improve our communities.”

James said that while the movement has come a long way there is still progress to be made.

“We are not to the point where I think where Dr. King said that he saw the promised land, I don’t think we’re in the promised land yet but we’re very close.  We are a lot further than when he tragically lost his life.  So, I think it’s important that we celebrate but we also recommit ourselves to equality.”

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