LSUA Educates Students on Latin American History with Movie Screening

Louisiana State University of Alexandria has hosted culture themed events in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Their goal is to teach students about different cultures outside of their own.


LSUA Freshman Don’Kaila Terry says, “I think it’s important to learn about other cultures and learn about diversities and how they impact the country and our lives.”


John Leguizamo, Creator of Latin History for Morons says, “I kinda understood about our Latin timeline, what is that? Everybody knows that right? 1000 B.C. We had Mayans and then we have now.”


Chair of the Management and Marketing Department of Business Rafael Romero wants this film screening to educate students that not all Latin Americans are the same.

“We don’t believe in the same God all the time, we don’t enjoy the same foods, we don’t enjoy the same music, they are some commonalities but there’s also a lot of differences, and it’s important to get educated on that.”


John Leguizamo, Creator of Latin History for Morons says, “But what happened in the 3000 years between our great indigenous civilizations and us man? Did we just stop existing?”


Rafael Romero invites Latin Americans to the screening to learn where they came from.

“I think it’s important for our students and the Latino members of our community to learn about their culture, where they came from, and that’s gonna help them feel comfortable about their identity and feel proud of their heritage. There’s a lot of things to be proud of.”


Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Equity and Inclusion Connie Cooper believes Latin History for Moronswill give students the opportunity to learn more about Latin American culture.

“I did not realize many of the challenges that they had to go through just to be, not understanding that the struggles that they faced in the education system, just as humans, just trying to navigate America.”


LSUA Freshman Malaycia Stelly, says, “I decided to go because I thought it would be fun to learn about the different cultures and even not that, I just love to learn about anything and everything.”


With this film, LSUA hopes to cultivate an open dialogue between students to learn about different cultures.


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