LSUA Discusses Campus Improvements at Rotary Club of Alexandria

The Rotary Club of Alexandria hosted LSUA Chancellor Dr. Paul Coreil and the members of LSUA’s Senior Leadership Team, who delivered a state of the campus report to the community.

Dr. Coreil was honored to share in LSUA’s success despite various challenges.

He is proud to have a team that kept things moving forward.

They worked together to put the students first and stay committed to their goals.


LSUA added Dr. Beth Palmer to their team to prepare students for the workforce.

Her goal is to fund a new technovation center to offer robust courses and programs.

Dr. Abbey Bain creates programs to challenge students to connect with each other.

Dr. Deron Thaxton reported on the financial health and partnerships with LSUA.


New rotary club members are excited to support the growth of LSUA.

New Paul Harris fellows invested 200 dollars into the rotary club and received an honorary pin.

One new member wants to make a difference in the community.


LSUA is excited to be wrapping up a major drainage and infrastructure project.

Its innovative student success center has been fully funded through private giving and state investment.

LSUA expects to break ground on the transformative new space for students in the fall.


LSUA’s goal is to reach 5,000 students by 2025.

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