LSUA Celebrates the Groundbreaking of the Martin Family Student Success Center

Louisiana State University of Alexandria is dedicated to growing student enrollment and workforce.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how a new facility can support student growth.


LSUA is celebrating the groundbreaking of their first student success center.

LSUA Student Government President Sophie Borhi says, “This is a really exciting time for our campus and community. This space is going to be utilized by all of our students. It’s a place where they can go hang out, study. I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of events there so it’s really exciting.”


LSUA Chancellor Paul Coreil says the Martin Family Student Success Center can bring more students to LSUA.

“It’s a legacy project for LSUA and for Central Louisiana where we can have the state-of-the-art student success center where everything students need are in one facility, and the curbside appeal of a new building like this will help us recruit the top students from the area.”


The Martin family invested $2 million into the new student success center.

Roy O’ Martin, Chairman and CEO of Martin Sustainable Resources says, “To see a student get a degree and a great job, become a doctor or lawyer or forester, an engineer, or accountant where they would not have ordinarily been, and they may be the first one in their family to do so, it’s such a fulfilling thing, it just makes us very, very happy.”


Governor John Bel Edwards and State Legislature joined LSUA in the celebration.

The Governor says, “Student success just means success. It means success for that student but also that student’s family, the community in which they live, whatever business employees them, or whatever business that student starts, it just means success.”


The LSUA faculty and students participated in the groundbreaking ceremony.

LSUA Student Government President says, “The center is really coming at a critical time as we are the fastest growing campus in Louisiana, so I think it’s going to contribute to students coming in seeing a new building, you know that’s attractive, so I think it’s going to be great.”


LSUA hopes the student success center will increase their enrollment to 5000 students by 2025.

The construction of the Student Success Center will start in the fall of 2023.

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