LSUA Celebrates Juneteenth in Freedom Walk

LSUA senior Zoria Sewell was proud to recite the Unity Pledge on stage.

She felt the support of the crowd as she spoke.

She is proud to be a part of the celebration.


Students embarked on a one mile “freedom walk” from the main campus to the Epps House built by Solomon Northrup.

Jamar Benjamin was honored to be a part of the freedom walk.

As they walk, he encourages them to reflect on what Juneteenth means.


LSUA unveiled the wreath that signified the inclusiveness on campus.

Emotions spread across the campus as they reflected on what it meant to be free.

Sheila Hudson’s son touched the wreath who represents the next generation.


Connie Cooper believes Juneteenth is more than celebrating the freedom of slaves.

She challenges students to reflect on what they can do today to ensure equality.

She encourages people to think about how they can progress individually.


LSUA encourages their campus community to reflect on their past and look to the future together.

Their goal is to foster a just and welcoming environment for all.