LSUA Basketball Coach Larry Cordaro Resigns, Leaving a Legacy Behind to Build On

LSU of Alexandria’s Director of Athletics, Tyler Unsicker, announced that Larry Cordaro will not return as the men’s basketball head coach next season.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how his leadership has impacted the LSUA community.


Larry Cordaro was the first head coach in LSUA men’s basketball history.

LSUA Athletic Director Tyler Unsicker says, “What Larry has been able to do is truly remarkable, to be able to build it from a program of nothing to a national power to where they’re competing for national championships at the NAIA tournament and having that opportunity to be kinda successful continuously is a challenge that he was able to do.”


In his nine seasons as coach, Cordaro led the Generals to 8 NAIA national championship games.

LSUA Point Guard Jeremy Richard says, “It wasn’t a dictatorship, he listened to us, and took into consideration how we felt and the things we thought we needed to do in order to win.”


News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “Larry Cordaro may be stepping down as LSUA’s basketball coach, but his legacy will live on through the lives he impacted.”

Richard says, “He gave us what we needed to play and to not only be men on the floor but also off the court.”


Cordaro invested into the community through his youth basketball camp.

Larry Cordaro says in a 2019 interview, “That’s what it’s all about. We were once their ages before and we want to teach them not just how to dribble a basketball, but just the basics, about going to bed on time and about work ethic and achieving goals and things like that.”


As Interim Men’s Basketball Coach, Billy Perkins plans to support incoming players who see a future in LSUA basketball.

The LSUA Women’s Basketball Coach says, “One of the hardest transitions that players will have, even after a season, not even losing a coach is that transition, what do we do next? I want to be that voice for them to able to help them transition into whether they are graduating or moving on, whether they want to find another school, we’re really just staying focused trying to complete the degree.”


News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “Larry Cordaro does not know who will give him his next shot as coach, but he looks forward to the next chapter in his life.”

LSUA Point Guard Jeremy Richard says, “I’m proud for him and I have a lot of respect for him. I wish he could stay, and we could run it back next year, but you know, all good things must come to an end.”


We reached out to Larry Cordaro, but as of yet, he had no comment.

LSUA is actively recruiting for a new basketball coach.