LSU AgMagic Cenla Event Teaches Students about Agriculture and Forestry

The LSU AGCenter hosted an interactive and visual educational experience for students across 10 parishes.

They created different stations to increase the agricultural literacy for students to become better informed consumers, advocates, and policy makers.


With each station, students learned something new to take home with them.

Lyla Brumley says, “I learned about my body, fruit. I learned about wildlife, and I learned about animals.”

Easton Damewood says, “We learned what food does for you, animals, and wildlife.”


KLAX News Reporter Keisha Swafford says, “At the AGMagic Cenla event, kids are learning how to put more color on their plate. They’re learning how blueberries and oranges are good for them.”

Eli Watts says, “If you eat too much junk food, your body, your immune system gets unhealthy and it’s hard for your blood to transport into other systems.”


Nutrition specialists taught students what foods to put in their bodies.

Breanna Stubb gave a presentation to students about the best foods to help their brains grow.

Student Preslee Longlois says, “I learned that you should have more fruits and more vegetables on your plate because it’s healthy. Purple helps your immune system and red helps your heart.”


Team leaders educated them on why they should join the 4-H Club.

Daylon Jarreau says, “We go on many trips and do many different activities throughout Louisiana and it’s very fun, you should try.”


Wildlife specialists showed them how to take care of trees through an interactive lesson.

Stacy Blomquist told students, “Trees give us healthy forest for our wildlife and for us because forests give us clean air and clean water.”


Student Harper Deen says, “If trees are too close together, they can’t reach everything that they need to live.

With this event, children learned about agriculture and how to take care of the environment.


The AgMagic Cenla event will continue tomorrow, November 17th at the State Evacuation Shelter.