Louisiana State Police Investigating Fatal Shooting Involving Rapides Sheriff’s Deputy

Louisiana State Police has released video footage of a fatal officer involved shooting.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more.

On Sunday November 6 at about 1:20 pm Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Rodney Anderson stopped 45-year-old Derrick Kittling on 7th Street in Alexandria for possible window tint and modified vehicle exhaust violation.  This is footage from the officer’s dash cam, body cam and a bystander’s video.  Anderson repeatedly gives Kittling instructions for which he does not comply.  Then a struggle ensues.  Both men go to the ground and during the struggle the deputy removed his taser from his left side and lost control of it and it discharged.  Then Kittling was able to retrieve the taser and Anderson fires one shot that strikes Kittling in the head.  Anderson calls in the shooting asking for emergency medical services but Kittling dies on the scene.  Sheriff Mark Wood requested that Louisiana State Police Criminal Investigative Division conduct an investigation on the shooting.  The taser was deployed when Kittling got a hold of it so it may not have been possible for him to use it on the officer.  Louisiana State Police Superintendent Colonel Lamar Davis.

“There is reports that once those probes go out that that particular taser is no longer effective.  We need to verify the capabilities of those devices with the manufacturer.”

Davis offered his condolences to all those involved.

“I’d like to offer everyone who has been impacted by this incident and this tragedy my prayers, my thoughts.  This is difficult.  It’s difficult for the family.  It’s difficult for everybody involved and my heart goes out to them.  Additionally, I want to ensure that everyone knows that the Louisiana State Police investigation will be conducted thoroughly, fairly and impartially.”

Once Louisiana State Police is finished with their investigation, they will turn it over to the District Attorney’s office.  No charges have yet been filed toward the officer who did the shooting.

If you have any information in this ongoing investigation, please contact Louisiana State Police.