Louisiana Senator Heather Cloud on Abortion

An update on the how abortion fight in Louisiana has gone so far:  When roe v. Wade was overturned Louisiana’s trigger law ban went into effect and all three abortion clinics in the state closed.  A New Orleans judge then blocked the trigger law and the clinics reopened.  Then another New Orleans judge ruled that the decision should have been decided in the Baton Rouge courts and the clinics closed again.  Tuesday a Baton Rouge judge temporarily blocked the trigger law again and set a hearing for July 18.

Wednesday Republican Senator Heather Cloud talked about her views on the abortion battle.

“Very proud that our legislature had the foresight to pass trigger laws in anticipation of the Roe v. Wade reversal, decision reversal by the Supreme Court.  So many across the nation believe that that decision years back, was wrong and the Supreme Court has weighed in and said that that was wrong.  And their reverting back to the states to make those decisions.”

Here is the full interview:

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