Louisiana Municipal Awards Convention Honors City of Pineville

Pineville Mayor Rich Dupree and the Pineville City Council were recognized with a Community Achievement Award.

The City of Pineville wor hard to elevate the community.


The Louisiana Municipal Awards Convention awarded the City of Pineville for the recruitment and success of the new Y-Not Stop.

Rich Dupree, Mayor of Pineville says, “It’s also the selling of the first 2 acres of state property that is such a big part of this story.”


Pineville Mayor Rich Dupree worked for 5 years to obtain the sale of Y-Not Stop.

He says, “Because at that time, the movement of moving Central Hospital to a new site was not determined so what we were hoping was to be able to market and make land available in hopes that if Central decided to move its hospital, we would already have legislation in place to help us.”

He says the Pineville Downtown Development District took the excess money from the sale to support local businesses.

“It was a nice way to recognize and give back to local business owners that were putting money into refreshing, refurbishing, and some cases totally redoing their front facades.”


Amanda St. Romain, Y-Not Stop Marketing Director is grateful for the opportunity to improve her hometown through Y-Not Stop.

She says, “We’re happy to help facilitate that and participate in that as much as possible, including future projects in the city of Pineville so we look forward to working with the community to keep seeing the Pineville community grow and really just envelop the community and take care of its people.”


City Councilman Reddex Washington accepted the Community Development Award for the City of Alexandria.

“It was a bittersweet feeling. It felt good to receive something but then I really had to reflect on what are the improvements that we’ve had in Alexandria. And as I’ve stated, we have a long road ahead of us.”

He says it motivates him to create more change in the community.

“I see people that don’t know what may happen for them the next day, they don’t know where the next meal is coming from, it inspires me to what to do better and want to do more so I can help someone else.”


Y-Not Stop has proven to be a prime location to bring business in Central Louisiana.

Mayor Rich Dupree looks forward to doing future projects with them.


Y-Not Stop plans to make a future home at the Highway 28 East location.

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