Louisiana Legislature to Consider Bill Requiring “In God We Trust” Posted in Classrooms

In the upcoming session in April the Louisiana Legislature will be considering a bill requiring every public school classroom to display the national motto “In God We Trust.”  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more from the representative who authored the bill and a local pastor.

“I heard about the proposal to put In God We Trust in the classrooms and it sounded like a good idea.  When you think about the fact that it is the national motto, it’s on our money.  I love seeing it on some of the police cars in the area.  And I think it’s something that gives confidence to people that there is something you can trust in.”

Pastor Nathan Martin is supporting the proposal that the Louisiana legislature is considering to display In God We Trust in Louisiana classrooms.

“Our children need to believe that there is something that is absolute, that reminder that there is a God we can trust in I believe will give them a constant in their life that they can draw on.  I believe it will be a good foundation for them.”

State Representative Dodie Horton talks about some of the reasons she authored the bill.

“I feel in the negative world that we live in now and our children are faced with so many types of mental health issues.  Suicides are on the rise, depression.  I hope that when they see that national motto that God’s there and He’s going to help you through to a better day.”

Martin hopes the bill passes because he says it’s important to focus on things bigger than us.

“I hope this goes forward.  I hope the people embrace it and understand that there are times when we need to rally around things that are bigger than us and are intrinsic to all of us.”