Louisiana History Museum Presents Christmas Trees from Christmases Past

The Alexandria Historical Museum has Christmas trees that represent Christmases Past.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey shows us what they have to offer.

The Alexandria Historical Museum has seven historical Christmas trees on display for their Christmases Past celebration.  Behind me is their civil war tree.

Pat Boone with the Louisiana History Museum tells us about their Christmases Past Christmas trees starting with the Civil War tree.

“These ornaments are all hand crocheted.  Bobbie Henson crocheted these.  She was a Downs and was part of the Henson family.  She has also been instrumental working with the Kent House and she has done these ornaments.”

“The upstairs tree has handmade ornaments from the Brasher family.  There’s 78 handmade ornaments on the tree the Brasher family was a family that had 1800 acres here in Rapides Parish it’s now where Camp Beauregard is now.”

“Since Louisiana was so instrumental in World War II, we have a World War II tree which is right around the corner, and it’s covered with ornaments that are during that time period and replicas of that time period.”

“Then we have a tree that is an aluminum tree that was popular in the ‘70s that we have in the other room.  And we have an LSU tree.  Then we have an all-natural tree.  Christmas trees weren’t in the United States until the 1840s the Germans brought them over from the old country and we actually started having them in houses during that time.”

Boone also set up a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

“Trying to find all the ornaments during the time period has been somewhat of a challenge but we did come through, and I’ve had a lot of help getting all this done this has been a village effort for sure.”