Louisiana Dragon Boat Races Raise Funds for the Alexandria Museum of Art

The Alexandria Museum of Art is hosting their 10th Annual Dragon Boat Races.

The races bring a sense of community and unity to Central Louisiana.


Executive Director of the Museum of Art Catherine Pears is excited to bring back the Dragon Boat Races since the pandemic.

This event is a big fundraiser for the art museum.

She looks forward to seeing people participate in fun competition.


Marketing and Public Relations Manager for the Visitors and Convention Burea Elise Tudor encourages people to support the Dragon Boat Races at Buhlow Lake.

She is passionate about bringing people together to support a good cause.

She hopes more people get to experience this extraordinary event.


20 paddlers and one drummer form each team.

The company 22 dragons teach the teams how to paddle in sync to the drummer’s beat.

It gives paddlers the opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally.


Teams from local businesses and schools compete to see who is the best.

Every year there are three rounds of winners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Different award categories include Best Dressed Drummer, Best Team Spirit, and Best Tent Area.


The Louisiana Dragon Boat Races engage people with the Museum of Art outside of its doors and help it grow.

The Dragon Boat Races will start at 8 AM on Saturday, May 7th at Buhlow Lake. Teams start training on May 2nd.