Louisiana College issues statement on Floyd death, racism

PINEVILLE, La. (LCNews)— We stand with our fellow Christ followers in grieving the senseless
death of George Floyd.

Racism is sin! I have and will continue to teach and stand against it with all my heart! We are all
made “in the image of God!” (Genesis 1:27) Fellow Christians and Americans, we need to see
others as Christ does, as we are all created in His image and for His service.

Louisiana College is a Christ-centered institution, and we not only pray for those directly
affected by his death, but for citizens who have been wrongfully persecuted, judged, or
harmed—-because of their race. The Bible calls upon the righteous to speak. Christians can no
longer be silent in the face of racial injustice.

Christians have been given “the ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Corinthians 5:18) Therefore, we
can no longer simply give lip service to or simply offer piecemeal solutions to the racial
issues that continue to plague our nation. Americans must stand together across racial,
political, and cultural lines and recognize our common humanity. Reconciliation will happen
when the true church of Jesus unites and loves one another and the world the way Jesus
showed us.