Louisiana Central and Rotary Club Hosts Economic Development Summit for Manufacturing Month

Louisiana Central is dedicated to informing the community of high wage-earning jobs available at local manufacturing facilities for Manufacturing Month.

The manufacturing industry is a big component of Louisiana’s economy, contributing nearly 40 million dollars annually.


The Rotary Club encourages their members to improve the community by serving others.

Louisiana Central wants community leaders to get in the game and learn how to invest in the manufacturing industry.


Executive Director of the Department of Public Transformation Ashley Hanson spoke to businesses to inspire them to love the communities they are in.

“We’re looking at how people can come to our communities, love our communities, stay in our communities, really thinking about loving ourselves first and then inviting those people in to also feel that love. They’re going to want to stay and they’re going to want good things happen.”

The manufacturing industry employs more than 130,000 workers, which is 7 percent of the state’s overall workforce.

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