Louisiana Builds “Celebration Riverboat” Rose Parade Float

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and the Louisiana Office of Tourism will debut the “Celebration Riverboat” float setting sail in the 2023 Rose Parade happening on Monday.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey spoke with him and the special guests that will be on the float for the parade.

“Over the next three days we’ll be putting over 130,000 roses, orchids all kind of weeds, seeds covering this paddleboat behind us as it rolls down the streets of California.”

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser is in Pasadena, California making ready the Louisiana float for the Rose Parade.

“I think the most special thing about this year is our fair and festival queens, talking about Natchitoches, the boudin, the strawberries, the seafood, the crawfish.  Every queen had to go through stiff competition to win that crown so they know their town, they know what they’re promoting and they’re doing interviews all over the world talking about all the great things to do in Louisiana.”

Rose Giddens is Miss Merry Christmas representing Natchitoches.

“It’s such an honor to have been chosen to represent Natchitoches on a national platform and I’m just very excited to see the new awareness to tourism that it will bring into the city.”

“And she’s holding some beignets.  We found a little old lady in Pasadena that has a beignet truck so we brought her into the den and everyone here decorating all the floats is getting hot beignets courtesy of Louisiana.”

Nungesser said he is proud to be representing Louisiana on a national stage.

“We’re just so proud.  We hope everybody back in Louisiana is as proud as we are of Louisiana and what we bring out here to California to get people excited about coming to Mardi Gras all over Louisiana.  This is really going to kick off a new year a great new year for all of Louisiana.”

The 2023 Rose Parade begins at 10:30 Monday.  You can watch it on NBC.