Longleaf Hospital is Expanding

The expansion of Longleaf Hospital in Alexandria will provide additional resources for active-duty and veteran members of the military who are suffering from the devastating impact of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It will also give individuals who are struggling with addictions the support they need to successfully recover.

This expansion will allow Longleaf Hospital to employ nearly 368 professionals, house 139 beds, and ultimately have the ability to treat an estimated 5,600 patients annually.

Longleaf offers an innovative new program known as F.L.A.G.S., which stands for Forgiving Losses and Gaining Strength. The program is part of a national military partnership that has brought patients from around the country to Longleaf to receive treatment for PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

Longleaf will be the first hospital in the 300-member Acadia Healthcare system to pilot a new virtual reality treatment program, called BehaVR, for military-related issues. Dr. Michael Parker, medical director and a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, said he is excited about the new treatment programs for active-duty soldiers and veterans. “When someone is in a mental health crisis, these treatments are like the difference between riding a bike and driving a sports car,” he said.

The expansion will also result in the opening of a new pharmacy, which will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week