Longleaf Hospital Hosts Grand Opening

Longleaf Hospital hosted its grand opening. Claire Hicks, CEO, says this expansion will help save many lives in Rapides Parish.



“Our program is called FLAGS, it’s forgiving loses and gaining strength and that’s what we’re able to do for our military patients is give back and help them acclimate.

This hospital will be one of the largest of its kind in the state of Louisiana. There are 40 additional hospital beds for military patients.  The mother of a veteran says this program has changed her family’s life.

“The team here at Longleaf not only just saved my son, but they actually ended up saving me, they saved his dad. They have impacted so many people.” said Morely

Morley’s son, Morley Setliff, 24, joined the Flag program in 2018.  She says  his transitioning from service was rough.

“They gave my son back to me. Now he’s been in the same career for two years. ” said Morley.

Hicks says the establishment will provide many jobs to the community.