Local sporting good store has been servicing Cenla for over 40 years

“It’s been here in the community since the early 70’s, over 40 years now. I actually been involved as a new owner of Cenla Sports since July of last year, July 2019.”

Involved as an owner for  a year, but Todd is no stranger to Cenla Sports.

Growing up as an athlete in the area himself, he reflects on his time as a customer.

“This was the place to come for whatever you needed, athletic-wise. They had every color for every school that you could imagine throughout the whole area. They really served the community well with the name Cenla Sports. They encompassed the entire Central Louisiana area.”

Decades later, that purpose remains the same.

Something we all would like to see is more sporting opportunities within the area.

Be it, football playoffs, baseball championships, soccer tournaments… and more.

This would only help the Cenla Sports brand and of course… the revenue.

“We get feedback all the time from different organizations and coaches that have to travel from the North part of the state to the Southern part of the state. They would love to see more in this area, more of a central location for people to come to for (state) tournaments, playoffs and things like that because it’s kind of middle ground for everyone.”

Yeah, the money is cool… it keeps the lights on. But the bigger picture is the impact that Cenla Sports leaves.

“Well I think it’s really important to have something like this here simply because I’m here and I’m local. My roots run deep here and I want people to think of us first when they do uniform and athletic supply needs. We’re not perfect, we’re all only human but I think we do a good job overall of trying to meet our customers’ needs.”